Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve not received my patterns

If you have purchased downloadable Patterns, they are not sent to you. You need to download them.

Links to your available patterns are given on the thank you page once you return back from the paypal payment process. They are also provided in your receipt email (If you don’t receive this please check in your spam/junk folders).

In addition to the two opportunities above, you can download any of your purchased downloadable patterns at anytime from your account page by logging into your website account.

When setting / changing my password – it’s not being accepted

For your own security it is best to use a strong password.

This involves using a mix of Upper and Lowercase characters, special characters and numbers.

When setting up your password (or changing it) the system will notify you of the strength. If it is marked as weak you will not be able to proceed. Medium and above will be accepted although you will still be warned.

I’ve not received my order receipt, or any other emails

Emails are sent out automatically by the system once an order has been completed.

If you have not received it please check in your junk or spam folders (especially if you are using a hotmail or gmail account).

To ensure you receive any future emails from this site I would suggest adding to your safe/white list.

The PDF’s Will not open

The patterns are in standard PDF format so any PDF viewer should open them on a PC/MAC.

If you are attempting to view them on a phone or tablet you may need an app that can read PDF files.

How do I download the patterns I bought ?

There are 3 ways you can download your patterns:

  1. At the thank you page after placing your order, the order details will contain a link for each pattern purchased.
  2. Your receipt email will contain download links for each pattern (if you do not receive this email please check in your spam/junk folders – especially if using a hotmail account)
  3. You can download all patterns you have purchased, passed & current, at any time from your account page by logging into your account on the website.

How do I login to My Account ?

You can login to your account by clicking the My Account link located at the very top right of the page:


or in the footer at the bottom of the page.


All patterns on this site (UNLESS CUSTOM) are DOWNLOAD only. You will not be sent them. The thank you page after checkout and your confirmation email will contain the links to download. if you miss these YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ANYTIME BY LOGGING INTO YOUR ACCOUNT YOU CREATED during checkout. Dismiss